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You may have many questions regarding gutter cleaning, but how much does gutter cleaning really cost? How about in Bristol? Gutter cleaning costs on average about £3 per metre. So, if you have an average-sized home, you are looking at spending about £60 for gutter cleaning.

Is gutter cleaning expensive because I am not environmentally conscious? No, not really. Gutters are meant to stay clean, so by keeping them clear you're just preventing the real problem - falling leaves and twigs. We live in an era where everyone wants to do their part in saving the world. Gutters shouldn't be a part of that, so don't expect to pay less to have them cleaned.

Where should I start? There are several options:

A ladder or step is the obvious first choice; but does that really work? Sometimes, with a bit of prodding, and some help from a friend or professional, a ladder can get the gutter cleaning job done in under one hour; but if you have clogged gutters, you may have to use a longer ladder or even rent a very strong ladder (a state park ladder is a good option for gutter cleaning in areas with heavy tree growth).

Will a ladder really get the job done? Yes, a ladder will get the job done. Many people who have tried to clean their gutters on their own with a ladder have been frustrated by the time it took to remove the clogs from the gutters, which often required using more force than the ladder allowed. In addition, some people have reported falling off ladders while cleaning gutters; unfortunately, this did happen to some people. A better alternative is to purchase one of the many quality gutter covers available that will allow you to easily and safely remove clogs, allowing you to move on to working on other aspects of your home improvement projects.

Are there special gutter guards I can use to keep out leaves and debris? Leaf and debris are the number one reason most people have clogs in their gutters. While most gutter guards are designed to protect against falling leaves and debris, some are designed specifically to prevent pinecones, grass clippings, and needles from entering your system.

Will hiring a gutter cleaning company still be cheaper than doing these types of cleanings on my own? 

While professional gutter cleaning companies can definitely be more expensive than doing cleanings on your own, in the long run the cost difference will more than likely be covered. Since most professional cleaning services are more expensive than doing cleanings on your own, if you do not have the money right now, most likely you will still need to have cleanings done at some point. So, why not save yourself the discomfort of having to clean gutters when you do not have to?

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