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It is important to keep leaves from getting into your gutters. This will help protect the structure of your house and prevent costly repairs in the future. Cleaning your gutters can be important for many reasons. We have listed the main factors to explain why.

Water must not drip or flow off of roofs uncontrollably. This is done for two reasons. To prevent damage to walls and water from drenching people below the building. Also, the water should be directed to an appropriate disposal location where it won't cause any structural damage to the building. Water must be removed from flat roofs to stop water infiltration and buildup.

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How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

Below are some average prices for gutter cleaning in the UK. This is just a guide and should give you a idea on what to expect if you are looking to hire a professional gutter cleaner to do this for you. 

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Bungalow Gutter Clean

The average UK price for a bungalow is usually around £50 - £100 depending on size and where you are located in the UK. 

semi detached gutter cleaning priceSemi Detached Gutter Clean

The average UK price for a semi detached house is around £60 - £120 again depending on size and your location.

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Detached Gutter Clean

The average UK price for a detached house is around £70 - £150 again this depends on size of property and your location. 

It is easy to overlook gutters, despite their vital importance until there is an emergency. Gutter damage can lead to structural problems and dampness can affect your health.

It is important to keep in mind one fact when considering how gutter repair can be avoided: Clean gutters are less likely to get damaged than those with blocked gutters. Blockages in gutters and downpipes are the most frequent gutter-related problems homeowners face. Blockages can be caused by fallen leaves and moss as well as dead animals. You can easily tell if your gutters need to be repaired by simply going outside and letting it rain. If water runs down your side, then it is likely your gutters have become blocked.


Another problem is leaky gutter joints. In fact, leaky gutters are one of the leading causes for isolated dampness in UK homes. Sometimes, debris can get trapped in joints or from normal wear and tear. It's important to inspect your gutters whenever you notice dampness in your home.


Calling professionals is the best way to get rid of clogged guttering. They can help you with everything, from cleaning out debris to repairing damaged gutters. A ladder to reach the roof is required, as well as thick gloves and a piece of wire. They will also need small bags for the debris, scooping tools, and some stiff wire. You should not use metal scraping tools if your gutters are made of synthetic materials like PVC. This can lead to damage and more expensive repairs down the line.


It is important that you repair any leaking joints in your gutters as quickly as possible. Sometimes, you can remove the guttering from the joint and clean your gutters. Dirt can cause gutters to fall apart. Sealant should be applied to cracks. It works both for metal and PVC guttering. Start by cleaning the damaged area and wiping away all grime. Seal the crack with the sealant, making sure that there are no gaps.


Gutter cleaning should be done at least once per year.


This is best done in the winter after all the fall leaves are gone and before any severe weather sets in. You will be less likely to have blocked gutters later in the year and you can book your gutter repair before it becomes too windy and wet. A quick inspection of the gutters is a smart idea in spring. Check that the gutters have been cleared of any debris from winter, as well as that they are secure and free of loose brackets. High winds and heavy snow can cause damage to gutters. It is also a good idea to check that everything works after bad weather.

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